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Dieb Audio is a premier electronic music record label specializing in underground house and techno sounds of the sonic spectrum. Our main ethic is to maintain a consistently high standard and credible identity by releasing intelligent music that is capable of intriguing the mind as well as rocking the dance floor.

Through very careful selection of original productions and thoughtful, bespoke assignment of remixing duties, Dieb Audio has created a timeless, cutting edge catalog of the highest quality material, ranging from hypnotic and murky house, to jackin' and sparse minimal, to high octane and sophisticated techno and all points in between.

● General inquiries: info (at) dieb-audio.com

● Demo policy

Use the following address: demos (at) dieb-audio.com
Please send only private soundcloud links with download enabled. Demos must be sent exclusively to Dieb Audio, no one else should have access to the private soundcloud links. Do not include our email address in mass emails. All demos must be at least 320 kbps.

Include a few words about yourself, your sound and any other labels you have worked with. We release a wide range of electronic music, but take a minute to familiarize yourself with some of our releases and general styles before sending. We appreciate everything that is sent. Unfortunately we do not have the manpower to reply to every (demo) email. If we like what we hear, we will get back to you. Thank you!

● Artists / Remixers

Adryan | Alain Ho | Alexander Maier | Ananda Project | Andre Winter | Arthur Oskan | Audio Soul Project | Bias & Paco Buggin | Bradler & Dualton | Chris Fortier | Cosmic Cowboys | Darko Esser | Dave DK | Deepchild | DJ Yellow | Echonomist | Erich Bogatzky | Florian Kruse | Fog | Franksen & Tom Wax | Gary Beck | Gregor Tresher | Harada | Hatzler | Henning Richter | Hipp-e | Jamie Stevens | Jesper Dahlback | Jim Rivers | John Dimas | John Dalagelis | iO | Kindimmer | King Roc | Kriece | Lemon Popsicle | Lemos | Leo Leal & Royal Dance | Matthias Vogt | Mic Newman | Mindz Kontrol Ultra | Nacho Marco | Nikola Gala | Nils Nuernberg | Oleg Poliakov | Onionz | Patch Park | Paul Beynon & Darius Bassiray | Perc | Phonogenic | Pol_On | Riccardo Rizza | Roberto Rodriguez | Roland Klinkenberg | Russ Gabriel | Sasse | SCSI-9 | Simon Garcia | Smith & Selway | Solee | Stel | Terry Lee Brown Junior | Teva | Tiger Stripes | Timo Garcia | Tim Richards | Umek | Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert | Wiretappeur

● Discography

Various Artists - Rekursion: Beige

Nikola Gala - Off White EP

Various Artists - Rekursion: Black

John Dalagelis, Fog & Kindimmer - Ruff Elements EP

Riccardo Rizza feat. Misha Twins - Billant
(including Nikola Gala remix)

Russ Gabriel - Aoyama EP
(including John Dalagelis remix)

Roland Klinkenberg - Now What EP
(including John Dalagelis remix)

Echonomist - Room With A View EP
(including John Dalagelis, Roland Klinkenberg remixes)

Phonogenic & Sasse - High Gee
(including Jesper Dahlback remix)

Solee - Oasis
(including John Dalagelis, Russ Gabriel remixes)

Bias & Paco Buggin - Equinox EP

Lemon Popsicle - Jazzhead / Dust Village
(including Jim Rivers, Cosmic Cowboys & John Dimas remixes)

Hatzler - Nocturned / Resilience
(including Andre Winter remix)

Jim Rivers - Junk
(including Roberto Rodriguez, Teva remixes)

Russ Gabriel - Knossos EP

Matthias Vogt - I Dreamed The Imposssible
(including Wiretappeur, Simon Garcia remixes)

Cosmic Cowboys - Lost In Berlin EP

Timo Garcia - Mud Skipper
(including Pol_On remix)

Alexander Maier - Sommernachtstraum
(including Sasse, Henning Richter remixes)

Franksen & Tom Wax - Salvation EP
(including Terry Lee Brown Junior, John Dalagelis remixes)

Alain Ho - Way Of Life
(including Oleg Poliakov remix)

Phonogenic & Sasse - Chi Chi
(including Wiretappeur remix)

Adryan - The Jazzers Slight Return EP
(including Russ Gabriel, Matthias Vogt remixes)

Simon Garcia - Hallucinogenic Raw EP

Russ Gabriel - Returning Home EP

Bradler & Dualton - Black Eye Delivery / Black Lodge
(including SCSI-9 remix)

Erich Bogatzky - Murex
(including Phonogenic, John Dalagelis remixes)

Kruse & Nuernberg - Suerte EP
(including Alexander Maier, iO remixes)

Hatzler - Disquos / HNO
(including Gary Beck, Lemos remixes)

Darko Esser - Relieve EP
(including Gregor Tresher, Lemon Popsicle remixes)

Paul Beynon & Darius Bassiray - Jeebuz Champ
(including Jamie Stevens, Audio Soul Project remixes)

Leo Leal & Royal Dance - Driven
(including Sasse, King Roc, Arthur Oskan remixes)

Triangle feat. Joel Xavier - Three
(including Tim Richards, Mic Newman remixes)

John Dalagelis - Asio
(including Ananda Project, Nacho Marco, Harada remixes)

Florian Kruse - The Miracle / Thrill EP
(including Dave DK, Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert remixes)

John Dalagelis & Stel - Rectum
(including Chris Fortier, Jamie Stevens, Hatzler remixes)

Nils Nurnberg - Seduction
(including Darko Esser, Patch Park remixes)

Stel - Godthab
(including Umek, Kruse & Nuernberg, Kriece remixes)

Deepchild - Donut Hound EP
(including Tiger Stripes, Hipp-E, Stel remixes)

DJ Yellow presents Mindz Kontrol Ultra - Space Soon To Vanish / Under The Silence
(including Perc remixes)

Jamie Stevens - Keep Her Space
(including Smith & Selway, Onionz remixes)